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How to finance solar

How can I finance my solar panels?

How to finance solar Wondering how to finance solar? Solar panels installation reached costs records since it is now cheaper to acquire panels instead of continuing with an electric bill that increases every year. This means that without creating inequalities due to purely economic issues, homeowners in the United States have different options to install…

Tax credir for solar panels

Everything you need to know about the tax credit when you install solar panels

The tax credit Learn about the details of the tax credit incentive when you install solar on your property. Update: On August 7th, U.S. Senate approved extending a Tax Incentive Credit of 30% until 2033 to home improvement projects related to clean energy expenses including rooftop solar. Learn more about this new Tax Credit here….

do solar loans work

How do solar loans work?

Do solar loans work? 90% of homeowners who are installing solar panels do solar loans work allowing them to have a lower monthly payment than continue their electric bill. What about the credit score? To access this loan, it is required to have a credit score above 600 points and to be in the title of…

do solar panels?

How do solar panels work?

Before we answer the question of how solar panels work, let us explain that currently, the trend of installing solar panels at home is rising. This is not a new technology, however, never before in history has it been so easy for homeowners to access solar energy and its benefits. For most people, it is…