Renewable Energy, Solar Companies Provide Solar Home Energy in Orlando

Renewable Energy for Orlando Businesses

One of the leading Central Florida solar companies, Clever Energy is proud to serve our neighbors in our hometown of Orlando, bringing the benefits of renewable solar energy to their homes and businesses.

Your Orlando business may be located in downtown’s Central Business District, among the bistros and boutiques of Audubon Park, or near the resorts and theme parks on the southwest side of the city. No matter what industry you’re in, whether you have a single location or a chain of franchises, your business can benefit from renewable energy. Clever Energy will help you choose the solar panels that are appropriate for your installation, based on the number of employees you support at your location, or the power needed to run your manufacturing equipment.

If you have a large factory or manufacturing facility where you make kitchen cabinets or molded plastics, or an industrial baking kitchen, you have plenty of square footage for solar power production. Clever Energy can transform your factory rooftop into a vast solar energy collector, connecting you to a virtually inexhaustible supply of renewable energy.

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Home Solar System for Orlando Solar Home Energy

From College Park to Baldwin Park, Dixie Belle to Malibu Groves, homeowners all across Orlando can get on the sunny side of the street with a home solar system from Clever Energy. When our trained installers mount solar panels on houses, unleashing solar home energy for the homeowners’ everyday use, we also increase the value of the home.

solar panels installation is a sought-after home feature, especially with rising energy costs and greater consciousness of our environmental impact. “Going green” often means going solar, and a solar-powered home is a powerful draw for prospective home buyers.

Even if you have no immediate plans to sell your home, the possibility of getting a large discount on your monthly utility bill through the use of solar home energy is compelling. Orlando homeowners who choose a solar installation from Clever Energy are likely to qualify for a large federal tax credit.

Other home solar system incentives include net metering. This process allows you to get credit for the energy generated by your home solar panels installation, especially when it exceeds your household energy usage and gets fed back into the power grid.

Top Solar Companies in Orlando Include Clever Energy

The culture of Orlando spans from ethnic celebrations like the Orlando Holi Festival and Salsa y Sazón to goth, screamo, and emo subcultures. As “The Theme Park Capital of the World,” Orlando is renowned for entertainment centers like Universal Studios Florida, Disneyworld, SeaWorld Orlando, and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Some of Orlando’s famous residents have included actor and comedian Wayne Brady, actress Delta Burke, Darryl “Chocolate Thunder” Dawkins, action star Wesley Snipes, and beatnik writer Jack Kerouac.

The team at Clever Energy enjoys the dynamic energy of Orlando and is pleased to bring renewable solar energy solutions to homeowners and business people in the City Beautiful. To arrange for a free energy consumption analysis and more information on the advantages of a solar installation from Clever Energy, call us today at (407) 274-1531 or email us at Our English-Spanish bilingual staff is eager to speak with you about renewable solar energy.

The benefits of Going Solar

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Since 2017 we help families transition to solar energy with honesty and professionalism.

We believe there is a better way to power your home.

Since 2017 we help families transition to solar energy with honesty and professionalism.

We believe there is a better way to power your home.